Lyndham Labradors

Border Terriers

Gilly winning one of her many BOBs

Gilly 1

Gilly 1 BoB
Gilly 1

Gilly aged 12 years...

Meg 1

Cairn Terrier

Enjoying a holiday in the Lake District

Meg 2


Farmway High Flyer to Lyndham  (Meg)


Enjoying the sunshine with Jazz and Teddy

Happy times!




Lyndham Hobgoblin


Bertie is Meg's son by Ch.Lyddington Last Supper at Risdene.

Gilly 2...

Standing (Nearly) Again!

Otterwood Gill of Lyndham


Appleside Alfred x Otterwood Ilex JW ShCM

Gill & Meg

Gilly and Meg being obedient - for once!!


Gilly - "what's out there Jess?  Can we explore?"

Jess - "That's the big garden, I'll show you later"

Having a nap with the old lady. Meg and Gilly worn out.

Meg head 2 Fade

Meg - April 27th 1997-Oct. 3rd 2011

Run free Meggy - miss you