Lyndham Labradors

Buying A Puppy


1. Always buy from a reputable breeder.


2. Always see the puppies with their mother.


3. Be aware what Health Checks both Sire and    Dam should have had.


4. Minimum Health checks should include Hip Scoring and Eye Tests.  The breed average hip score is just under a total of 16 and the eye certificate should state unaffected and be dated within the past 12 months.


5. Other available tests are:

    Elbow Scoring

    Optigen DNA test for GPRA

    DNA test for CNM


Details of these diseases and tests are available on The Kennel Club Website available from my Links Page.


6. Don't be fobbed off with excuses, these tests are important although not fool proof.  The fact that they have been done will show that the breeder has done his/her best to breed a healthy litter.


7.  You should expect to be asked many questions abut your lifestyle and suitability to own a Labrador.


8. You should expect to be given a KC Registration Certificate and a 3 or 5 generation Pedigree Certificate for your puppy.


9. You should be given details of worming that has been carried out and about vaccinations.


10. You should expect to be given dietary advice and some information on rearing your puppy over the first few months of its life.


11.  You may also be asked to sign a Contract of Sale - read this carefully.


Most Breed Clubs run a Puppy Register and some of these can also be found on my Links Page.  The Kennel Club also has a list of available puppies.











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Sky pup
Sky pup
Sky pup
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