Lyndham Labradors

English Setters

Amy was our introduction to English Setters - a wonderful girl.....




Sophie head

Lesnee Blue Pearl of Lyndham

Sh Ch Elmwood Escapade from Quensha x Lesnee Shades of Blue


.....miss you.....


Keith showing Sophie as a veteran..

Sophie,Jean & AnneSuffolk05

Keith showing Sophie, with Jean and Anne also in picture...

Sohie Winter 2006 crop

Sophie......watching........Winter 2006


Keith with his girls....oh and Teddy of course!

Sophie, 3rd from right, with her Mum and her brother and sisters.

Setter Family at ESA June 98.crop
Amy 1 year



Lesnee Forget Me Not At Lyndham

(Suntop Gleaming Brand x Suntop True Rhyme At Lesnee)

One of the last pure Suntop Setters in the UK.

Amy  8 months bisciut reward

Amy at 8 months showing how gentle she could be!

Sophie Jnr winner

Sophie winning a Junior Class